If you are enrolled or eligible for Medicaid, you can sign up for our CDPAP Family Wellness Program. The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a statewide Medicaid program that provides an alternative way of receiving home care services, where the consumer has more control over who provides their care and how it is provided.

  • Simply put, you can have a friend, family member, or someone you trust be your Home Care Attendant.
  • No certification is required for your Home Care Attendant to start working.
  • Services can include any of the services provided by a personal care aide (home attendant), home health aide, or nurse. 

  • You are the BOSS! You can hire, fire, and set the schedule for your Home Care Attendant(s). 

  • You can hire multiple Home Care Attendants to meet your scheduling needs.


Don't have anyone for to be your Home Care Attendant?
Not to worry! - We can send our Certified Attendants to your home.

  • Our Certified Attendants speak many languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, & Urdu.
  • We specially train our Certified Attendants and match them by availability, location, and skills to fit your specific needs.